Gems in Words

Governing Board

Qualification For Membership

  1. Nigerian
  2. Accomplished in chosen field of endeavour
  3. Passionate about translating learnings to social change in the country
  4. An Influencer – able to leverage on existing and future network to promote the aim of Gems in Words
  5. Broad and diverse knowledge of social performance issues

Duties of Members

Deliver all responsibilities of the governing board, amongst which are:

  1. Has overall accountability for program development, delivery and lookback.
  2. Develop the program structure, awards and the associated calendar of events.
  3. Provide work directions to the Executive Manager of the organization.
  4. Manage the recruitment and compensation of the work force
  5. Provide oversight for the development of the Sponsorship Engagement plan
  6. Develop and publish the Annual Impact Reports of the program
  7. Develop governance policies on program critical areas such as  (a)Whistleblowing  (b) Accounting   (c) Confidentiality of Information etc
  8. Develop program goals and objectives as well as performance measurement metrics
  9. Drive Executive performance, set targets and rewards for performance


Our Governing Board Members

Oluwaseun Bakare

Born in April 1969, he holds a B.Sc in Accounting and an M.Sc in Finance. An accomplished senior project professional, he has worked internationally delivering resource to production projects. He is the author of two (2) books and an avid writer on contemporary issues relating to African and the Africa continent.

An avid entrepreneur, he sits on the board of two (2) companies in Nigeria and is invested in several more where the focus is developing the skills to compete globally in the human resources.

Lola Kotun

Born in August 1973, Lola has cut a niche for herself in the US heath sector where she continues to deliver needed geriatric care through the company she co-owns, employing dozens of Nurses and allied health professionals.

She holds a B.Sc and is currently in Medical school studying Nursing to further her knowledge in the profession and expand the span of care she provides.

Olaosebikan Kuburat Ayodele

Born in June 1959, she is an eloquent communicator holding a PhD. in Communications from the Atlantic International University, USA sequel to a Master’s degree in Communication Arts from the University of Ibadan and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in English.

She is a highly experienced Administrator with over 37-year experience. In the Education sector. Olaosebikan joined the services of the Federal Polytechnic, Offa in 1992 as Lecturer I and in 2016, was appointed as Acting Rector by the Federal Government of Nigeria

She is the Author of several Books, Article publications in several local and international journals, and Public speaker at different fora.

Olayiwola Bambeke [General Manager]

Responsible for the day-to-day administration of GiW and executing the decisions of the board.


Terms and conditions of entry

a. A Nigerian Resident.

b. Currently enrolled in Secondary School or finished/dropped out of school in the not more than 365days before the submission closing date;

c. Aged between 11yrs and 18yrs – This must be your age at the time of the closure of submissions;

d. Application must be endorsed by the Parent/Guardian or School Teacher/Principal;

e. Pay the entrance fee.

f. Submit entry in accordance to the following rules:

      i. Upload a passport size picture of yourself taking not older than 3 months before the closing date of submissions;

     ii. Entry must be originally written by you – no help from any third party is accepted.

     iii. Must be 500 words or less;a

     iv. Written in word document with 14 pnt lettering.

     v. Received online through the submission portal not later than the submission closing date

     vi. By submitting on our portal, you are acknowledging that this is your original work and not a copy of any work done by others anywhere.

g. You are granting us the full rights to:

     i. Publish your submission in “Gems in Words 2022” – A compendium of poems and stories selected from Poetry and Short Story Competition of 2022;

     ii. Use your submission and pictures as we deem fit to promote the competition and all future competitions.

h.  Accept the decisions of our selection panel as final and not contestable in any law court or manner.